#Diet | The Reasons & Answers

“Why are you on a diet?” 
“Since when are you so health conscious?” 
“Why do you go to the gym?” 
“When did this start?” 
“What made you want to go lose weight?” 
… etc 

These has been the most asked question among my friends and honestly, I’ve never really actually gave a reply to any of them since. Many people from my high school (both years) also know that my current lifestyle is a total drastic change compared to how I lived my life during high school and it is a lifestyle that I would hate to have ever in my entire life as well.

I’ve always wanted to share about this but I just didn’t have the emotional capacity to actually write about this and I just had my own qualms about sharing this. But this time, I will be sharing with you guys all about my diet. I would most likely be breaking this into multiple posts as I have quite a lot to share.

So, grab a cup of Coke-zero and continue reading ❤️


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#Food | Addicted in Melbourne

Original post of this article is linked here.

Original title: #GoodFoodHunting: Lyn Addiction Ver.

This post was previously written by me and was contributed to the Trinity College Foundation Studies Student blog linked above.

Ever since I came to Melbourne, “Good food hunting” has been the only activity that I have been constantly doing, dedicately, non stop, since the start. If you did not notice, you have already been in Melbourne for almost at least 100 days, or even more! Which means, probably within these few days, some of you (or actually most of you, probably) would have found a cosy spot or your favourite hang out space. Of course, including me, I have found my favourite hotspots around CBD area and I shall share these with you, right in this post!

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