Harder and Harder

It’s been a really long time since I last posted here.

I have been really stressed and stressed and very uninspired. tumblr_o8k0b5w6ls1v4nzkvo1_500.gif

I’ve wrote a lot of ‘drafts’ but I just don’t feel that they are good enough to be posted or they are incomplete and I just can’t find the “right feelings” to complete the post..

I’m also procrastinating on work and I don’t understand some University work and my confidence in writing my essays has been down the shit hole (cause of my previous assignment grades …).


Hopefully this will end soon and the stress would just magically disappear as well.

D – 23 to home.
D – 40+ days to holiday in Seoul and also release of my grades (eeks)
D – 40+ days to the verdict if I am transferring to Melbourne or not and if my life is going to continue to suck or not.

That’s it.
Hopefully I will have a more positive posts soon.

In the meantime, I will just shut up and continue focusing on my stressed life and final assignments.

And to all that are in the same situation,






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