Daily MU Routine | Night ver. (w/ Bonus)

Now it is time for the second part of this topic — the Night version!

If you have not read the Morning version, do go to here to read it as well~


+ Just wanted to add that the products here, I’ve used them for more than at least 2 months or even longer. Products that are used less than 2 months will be stated otherwise +

Night Routine


After a long day of studying/ shopping/ hanging out/ doing nothing, your face is exposed to all kinds of dust and pollution in the air. This is the routine that I’ve been religiously sticking to in Australia (I change up some of my routine if I am in a different climate).

First, I ALWAYS cleanse my face.

For cleanser, I have not really found the need to ‘stick to one cleanser’ for no specific reasons. I just found no reason to stick to one since the job of cleansers are just to cleanse the face.

I’ve used cleansers ranging from drug store brands to high end luxury brands. A few of my personal favourite will be:

  • Any Japanese brand facial cleanser. ($9 ~ $15)
    I feel that Japanese brands are so good in formulating a cleanser and any cleanser would just do the job fine. I don’t really stick to one cause I wanted to try new cleansers and I just felt that there is no need to stick to one as well. There are also all kinds of cleansers ranging at different price for Japanese brand cleansers as well. A few names I would recommend would be Bifesta, AHA, Biore, Hada Labo. I don’t really remember the specific one I’ve used cause I’ve used quite a range of products and I didn’t really make an effort to remember.
  • AVEDA Botanical kinetics™ purifying creme cleanser ($55)
    I have never stopped loving AVEDA products and I just love how natural it is made. It was really gentle to my skin and really helped soothe my dry skin in the winter months. (*However … I lost is to a custom officer in Singapore as I have forgotten about the liquid limit that I could carry up to the plane and I didn’t check in my bag … I still had half a bottle of it left .. You could read about this incident in this post here)


    I still remember getting this cause I was crazy over Chanel Rouge lipstick range and I ran out of cleanser then. It really cleanses really cleanly, you can feel your skin dirt free and ready to absorb all the goodies in your skincare after your facial wash. But I didn’t feel that it was very special compared to other cleansing wash that I’ve used but the Anti-pollution part of this cleanser really helped my skin from the pollution in the city area (a.k.a no more breakouts!)


Next would be toner. I’ve mentioned more about how I never skip out toner because of its double-cleansing properties. You can read more about toning in the morning version.

After cleansing, It will be skin care! For skin care, I only have 3 products that I have to introduce. I really feel that less is more and also, I hate the feeling of my skin being suffocated which is when you pile up too much products on your face. Also, I don’t have the habit of applying to the whole face. I usually only apply on areas that I feel that I am lacking that certain properties of the products. This way, it would be more concentrated on that area and correct the problem. Also, I wouldn’t have the piling issue.

The 3 products that I use (in order of application) are –

EyeBotanical Kinetics™ Energizing Eye Creme

Cheeks – Botanical Kinetics™ Intense Hydrating Rich Creme

b53cb60b8fb9d92e638658ca7c5ddea9--aveda-products-dry-skin Lip – SHISEIDO Water in Lip Kusumi Reset



As I’ve mentioned quite a few times in this post, I do have issues with my dark eye circles so I’ve been looking for all kind of remedy for my dark eye circles. I’ve tried warming undereye patches and quite a lot of eye creams but AVEDA has been the only one that actually shown some results. For my eye circles, I think that it is more stubborn as it is heredity (my mom has really dark eye circles), so for some results to show, THAT is an achievement. Not only will I apply to my undereye, I do apply around my eyes as I do have a drier eye area. It really adds a lot of moisture to my eye area and helps with make-up application the next day (without fine lines and dry skin).

After applying my under eye, I will go on to apply on my cheeks area. I do have rather dry cheeks area and the AVEDA intense hydration creme really helped add the much needed moisture to my skin and revitalise my skin over the night. Now, I won’t worry about having dry flaky skin applying make-up or being exposed to the dry chilly climate when I’m out.

Lastly, my must-have item everytime — lip balm. I have always had dry chapped lips and this is the product that I always bring around for convenience.

Lip art by | @fshionme


+ A tip for dry chapped lips will be exfoliate every 2~3 days. I use Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub Self-Vanishing Sweet to exfoliate every time and it leaves a really moist texture on my lips that make my lips really plump. After cleaning off the scrub, I then use DIOR Addict Lip Glow Colour Awakening Lipbalm to lock the moisture on my lips and through the night, my lips would become smooth and plump for more lipstick application!

That’s it for my daily night routine!

and now — Time for the Bonus!

If you made it here, here is the link to the bonus post.

[The link is here]

The password to access this post will be: imadeit

(I will only put this link as public after a few days or if I remember to~)


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