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My Hair Story


If I want to talk about hair, I really do need to go back to quiiiiiitttteeeeeee long time back — to the exact moment that I’ve decided to put my hair through all kinds of physical torture (a.k.a bleach, coloring and hair extensions) and suffer the consequences till today.

If I were to specifically mention that moment, it will be when I decided to go all blonde and get weft hair extensions (my #1 worst decision ever made in my life. I can’t be anymore serious.) What made it worse was the fact that I did it at a really cheap and amateur salon.

*I need to clarify my definition of amateur: more than 3 hours of meaningless waiting time; bad service (both on my hair and social-wise); ends up with shitty results and no apologies.

Since the moment I did my hair at that salon, my hair was just in the worse ever situation it can be. It was so badly damaged from my roots to the ends and my scalp was also “scarred” from all the tugging and super painful pulling from the weft extensions. And cause I did the weft right after I did bleaching, which made my hair really weak/ damaged, sudden tugging and pressure on my head just made everything worse.

After this, it was just endless colour change and 2-3 times repeated bleaching (from mid lengths to ends only. *I don’t really want to do roots bleaching anymore, I like healthy hair*). I will just post photos of my color changes below and all these colors happened within 11 months (^ There were some instances where I changed color after 2 weeks or even less… )

So, finally, you all know how my hair has suffered and probably would’ve guessed what state my hair was in — super dry, especially from mid to ends; frizzy, the minute I straighten my hair with a brush, and I walk out of my room, back to being frizzy; knots, everywhere.

In order to salvage my own hair, treatments and care have been to be taken meticulously (like very seriously). I’ve tried a lot of time trying to save my hair at home,  and researching on what is good for my hair, however, sometimes it is indeed better to go a salon for timely treatments to be done to actually see results on top of your daily at-home treatments. So, after my tedious long hair journey, I’ve came up with a few brands and products that I felt that it really helped my hair from all this damage which I will list them below:

Artist| Eunnie

*I’ve used all these listed products till its empty (usually around 2~3 months) and they are NOT sponsored. (would be great if it is 😛)

Also some tips that I would advice when purchasing Hair products:

  1. Products are meant to work together within their ‘brand line’. Usually when I need to repurchase products, I will buy from the same line/ brand rather than mixing it with other brands. If not, I will just buy a set of hair products from another brand.
  2. There are many different range of products, you need to make sure you know what you are looking for. I have some friends that asked me why when I had ash-colored hair, it lasted so much longer than theirs – it was because I used purple shampoo/ blue shampoo. You need to know what color shampoo helps your hair if you expect longer color stays.




MUCOTA is a Japanese brand that I chanced upon at a Japanese salon in Singapore. I was introduced and adviced to try the hair treatment as my hair was really dry at that moment. I would say that I fell in love immediately with the product that was used and immediately purchased it for at-home use after.

The smell of the product was HEAVENLY. It was so sweet and fruity and refreshing. It also left my hair soft and supple after the treatment. I would recommend this for darker colored hair as I feel that it did take off quite a lot of color pigments when I used this while having lighter colored hair.

In this brand, I used their AIRE product line. This is different from the in salon treatment products as salons usually don’t sell salon use products, but this product compliments with the treatment and also helps with my hair situation. I’ve linked the English explanation of these products in this link here. The ones that I’ve used specifically will be the AIRE 02 Emollient CMC Shampoo • AquaAIRE 04 Veil Mask Treatment • AquaAIRE 06 Hair Mask Treatment • Moisture and AIRE 10 Veil For Straight (Leave-on treatment). These are all products suitable for dry hair. 

A con of these products would be that it is quite hard to find. The salons in Singapore specifically sell them for quite a high price but you may search Rakuten Japan (with International shipping) if you are looking at getting these products. I wouldn’t say that it is a cheap brand but the volume of each products varies. I purchased the bigger volume as it would be more economical and I really enjoyed the products.



As you guys have seen from my posts, I do use quite a bit of AVEDA products. I like using products that are naturally formulated because I feel that it would be more beneficial for my skin in the long run. You can learn more about AVEDA here.

Of course once I’ve mentioned about how their product is naturally derived, the price of the products would automatically increase. I’ve also worried about the price of these products that I’ve used as well, but similar with most of the brands that I will be mentioning, it is actually very economically price when compared to the volume of products that they are selling by.

I’ve started using AVEDA products only when I first came to Australia as the dry weather really dried out my hair and normal drugstore brands are not helping with the situation. To be honest, when I went to a physical AVEDA store before I actually tried out the product and when I saw the price, I was actually quite shocked to see that the price of the product was actually on the higher side. HOWEVER, I coincidentally landed myself in a Aveda salon (because I needed a hair cut and my monthly dose of treatment) and was recommended to get the Hair treatment. That was when I just went back to the store and purchased my AVEDA products with absolute no worries.

The smell the products is very herbal and natural scented. It is similar to different parts of the nature coming together as a hair product. It is also very soothing and relaxing. Of course, the most important part would be that it ‘naturally’ helped my hair to regain its moisture and shine, which I really loved while using this product.

The products that I used at AVEDA are usually from the damage remedy™ range – restructuring shampoo, intensive restructuring treatment, daily hair repair (Leave-on treatment). I’ve repurchased this range at least twice for each product, especially the daily hair repair, I’ve used up at least 5 tubes while I was using AVEDA products.



This is a brand that I don’t really remember why I started using this and I don’t even remember how I learnt about this brand. (I’m actually loss at words here cause I really can’t recall how I encountered this brand …..)

If I was not wrong, I actually bought this while I was in Melbourne visiting my boyfriend and my hair was really dry so I was looking for a hair repair shampoo and I chanced upon Sachajuan then. (I might be wrong .. but this should be it because I remember first using this in Melbourne).


This was a really pleasant surprise after actually using the products as I didn’t really know this brand that much and the only time I remember reading about Sachajuan’s products was through a online beauty store. The first products that I’ve tried from Sachajuan would be their INTENSIVE range – Sachajuan Intensive Repair Shampoo, Sachajuan Intensive Repair Conditioner together with the Sachajuan Intensive Hair Oil. It was really floral smelling as usual (of my preference) and it really left my hair really soft and flowy after showering. However, I felt that the ‘effect’ didn’t really stay too long in my hair that’s why I went and got the hair oil after awhile, it then really enhanced the longevity of the treatment and I had really flowy hair for days without wash.

Another line that I enjoyed using was the Sachajuan Silver range – Sachajuan Silver Shampoo, Sachajuan Silver Conditioner and also the Sachajuan Shine Serum (split ends treatment). This really helped with my ash colored highlights and really helped enhanced the ash tones of my hair for a extended time period.

However, I feel that this product is on the pricier side for long term use but it would be perfect for travelling. It is packaged in a 250ml bottle which is considerably small compared to the previous two brands (and also a HUGE difference because I usually buy the 1.5 litre volume product). I used up a bottle within 1.5 months and had to go and repurchase it again, which was rather inconvenient. But it was perfect when I went for longer vacations, it was the perfect size and also of course, helped my hair during the vacation as well.



Out of all the brands that I’ve introduced in this post, I will say that ORIBE is the most expensive on out of all of them. I’ve been going to salons that uses ORIBE and getting travel sample sized products to try for this – the only full sized products that I am currently using will be from its GOLD LUST range, Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. I am currently transiting to using full sized ORIBE products coming week.

This brand recommendation will be solely based on the 5~6 times I’ve went to the Salon for ORIBE treatment and I thoroughly enjoyed using ORIBE products. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth, and for a really long time (around 3~4 days. Usual treatments usually lasts around 2~3 days for my hair). Additionally, using the Hair Oil really helped for the days that I don’t wash my hair/ ran out of good shampoo. It restores the shine and silkiness back to my hair instantly and when used together with ORIBE products, it prolongs the silkiness for days.

The downside is of course the price of this brand but I would say that it is worth a try. I will come back with more of a thorough review after finishing the products a while later.  (I might do a empties post!)


logo fanola2

Last but not least, Fanola is brand that I was introduced by my favourite Youtuber (@joanday) in this video embedded below.

This video came out right after I’ve dyed my hair ash colored and I was dying to look for a affordable shampoo that could maintain my ash colored hair. (I was using SACHAJUAN’s silver shampoo and the volume was rather small) And after researching and watching more videos about Fanola on Youtube, I’ve decided to get it to try.

IMG_1408 (1)

The products that I’ve purchased are not the exact ones from the video but – FANOLA NO YELLOW SHAMPOO (Purple Shampoo) and the FIBER FIX treatment (I forgot which one it is … will update soon) Prior to using the products, I’ve learnt from another Youtuber (@Ivan Lam) in this video on how do I use the products to keep my hair grey colored. I would say that this brand was really heavily influenced by these Youtubers but it really worked wonders. 

The pigments in the purple shampoo was really dense and it did stain my hand for a few hours (especially in my cuticles area) but it really did a fantastic job in removing the yellow pigments in my hair. The treatment also helped to fix my hair and I had visibly less split ends when I used the FIBER FIX treatment.

The price and volume of this product is the cheapest out of all these brands but unfortunately, I didn’t keep my ash colored hair long enough to finish the whole bottle. But it really helped me throughout my hair. But I would highly recommend this for anyone with ash/ greyed colored hair.



These are all of the brands and products that I’ve used and loved so far. I hoped that you did come by a product that you are interested in or found a brand to help with your hair situation.

If you do have any questions about hair, I will be more than willing to answer your questions (because I just love investing time/ money in my hair for no reasons haaaha). See you guys in my next posts!

/ Lyyn /

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