Daily Make-up Routine | Morning ver.

Finally! It’s time to share about my make-up! Read more to know more about my Make-up routine.


Since 7th Grade, I’ve been addicted to the world of Make-up and fashion. It is always so comforting to me to watch different Youtubers do their make-up and ‘GRWM’ (Get ready with me). I really love how Make-up can help one transform into so many different styles of them.

Time has really flew since then and of course, I would confidently say that my make-up skills have improved so much since then and now I know how to take care of my skin so much better.


I don’t really know how to give advice about make-up related products cause everyone’s different. We might have the same ‘general’ skin type, the way we apply and our how our skin ‘reacts’ to the product is going to be different. I can only advice in my case and you may take my advice into consideration but I can promise you, it might not always be the same every time. And this goes for any recommendations out there on the web. I would say that everything in the make-up world is trial and error. You might meet your perfect product and you might spend some more extra time in searching for that product. But it all comes down to trying and testing out the products that you think is suitable for you. So, my advice for everyone out there would be:

  • Firstly, know the person skin type.

I am generally normal skin. But, I have a oilier nose area, so I do take note of this area whenever I am buying products. Also, in winter/ colder seasons, my skin would be on the drier side. So it really depends on the weather. But it would usually be either normal skin – dry skin.

I also don’t break-out easily naturally and if I do, it would usually be around my T-zone area, but then again, I would normally only break out once every 3~5 months which is very rare as well.

  • Secondly, understand what the product is for. See if it is what you need.

Sometimes people powder their face to reduce shine, I do have shiny parts but selectively, I do not have the habit to powder my face so I usually don’t ‘pay attention’ to these products.

  • Test out the product yourself. Either through a sample or in stores.

I would say the best chance you will ever get to getting your perfect product would be going to the store and trying that product out for yourself – Shades, colours, texture, how your skin reacts etc. I understand that one try in store would not get your anywhere, but it will be up to your decision whether to proceed with the purchase or not. 

So these are my basic tips to my friends that are looking at venturing into the world of Make-up. I promise you a road of fun adventure and loads of self revelations!


Now, it is finally time to share with you guys what products I use in my daily routine.

(And also, the usual declarationthere is nothing in this post that is sponsored, given or paid for my opinions. All opinions presented in this post/ blog are all based on my own experiences and reviews. But I am open for any form of sponsorship, on the condition that my opinions are NOT compromised in any form.)

I will be breaking up my usual routine into 2 sections: Morning routine and Night routine.

+ Just wanted to add that the products here, I’ve used them for more than at least 2 months or even longer. Products that are used less than 2 months will be stated otherwise +

Morning Routine


Every morning, I wake up and clean myself up as usual – answer nature’s call, brush my teeth and wash my face.

After cleansing (*I will talk about cleansing more in my Night routine), applying toner to my skin is a step that I will never skip. When I was working in a Korean Beauty cosmetic stores, I was taught that toning helps second cleansing your skin and putting your skin back to its normal pH level so that it would help with absorption of future products. Since that class, I’ve religiously stuck to toning my skin every time no matter what. Everywhere I went, toner goes with me.

The current toner that I’m using is the CORSX One Step Pimple Clear Pad“One Step Pimple Clear Pad is designed to wipe away excess dirt, oil and purify clogged pores with exfoliating pre-moistened pads. Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth.” 


I feel that it helps cleanse my skin and also purify my pores. As its name states, it helps reduces break-outs as well. I just use this just in case I break out as I have been rather stressed now and then, so using this on a daily basis would help much more than using it after I’ve broken out. Also, its container and pre-soaked idea is really convenient to carry around! This would be my 3rd container since I’ve used it since a year ago!

Other toners that I would recommend would be AVEDA Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads. I’ve unfortunately finished this as I was travelling in July and I really enjoyed using this a lot. It was really fresh on my skin and was also very purifying. However, I saw the CORSX one before the AVEDA one so out of convenience, I am back to the CORSX toning pads.

After toning, I would usually go straight to my make-up routine. For make-up and skin care, I see that many people pile their skin care on their skin before their make-up. I feel that if I do it that way, my make-up is more prone to slide and smudge through the day. Also, too much products make my skin feel really cakey and suffocated so I stick by my rule — less is more.

Below are the products that I’ve been using routinely when doing my make-up, this is also in the order of how I would do my make-up:

BrowsBenefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil #3 and Benefit Gimme Brow #1


BaseMAC Strobe Cream Hydratant  Lumineux (Pinklite) 


Eyeliner – (Vary.) I have not really found an eyeliner that I really love. The area around my eyes sometimes are too dry or too oily for the eyeliner to be drawn on, resulting in the color fading on my eye or really easily smudged/ erased eye line. So I am still in the midst of finding my perfect eyeliner.
EyeshadowETUDE HOUSE Blend for 4 eyes (#1 Dried Rose) and Tarteist pro to go Palette

ConcealerINNISFREE My Palette Concealer and bareMinerals BARESKIN concealer (Medium)

Setting Spray – MAC Prep+Prime Fix+

Lipstick – (Depends on how I am feeling! ❤️ )

As mentioned, all these products are my daily go-to and It always gives me perfect glowy and healthy looking make-up. I will just elaborate a little on the products that I use on a daily basis and how it is helping me with my make-up. If you are interested in knowing more about the product, you could comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can or you can search them up for reviews on Sephora/ Mecca.

For brow products, I would say that Benefit is the best brow product producer. The price of the product is also reasonable and the amount of application you can get from the product is also fairly adequate. It stays on for the whole day, even after my heavy work outs and (unintentional) rubbings throughout the day. Furthermore, with each Benefit product, you could go for a natural brow look or a really intense brow look with just one product. It is versatile for all occasions and I’ve never gone wrong with a Benefit brow product.

MAC has always been my go to brand for their base product. Many people might think that MAC is on the pricier range, but to be honest, if you are not over using the product on your face, one bottle of Base product could last me at least 3~4 months. I have tried quite a lot of MAC base product, a few to name would be — PREP+PRIME NATURAL RADIANCE, STROBE CREAM, MINERALIZE TIMECHECK LOTION. These each have different effects and uses as primers. I keep all of them in my collection so depending on what skin effect I want to go for, I choose them accordingly. Recently, I feel that through travelling my skin has been quite dull so I’ve chose a pink based primer that can help brighten my skin tone.

Another item that I can never get rid of is MAC’s MAC Prep+Prime Fix+. I am currently on my 5th bottle since a year back and I have never swapped this out from my make-up routine. Not only it sets my make-up perfectly – absolutely no creasing or cake-ness on my face, it is also a good spray to wet my sponge for cream application/ concealer application. It is a really well rounded product that I absolutely love. No matter where I go, it is always in my make-up pouch.


Next would be eyeliner – a problem that I found exploring make-up. I have really dry corners of my eyes (where the eye line is supposed to be drawn on) and sometimes, the opposite, I have ‘oily’ eye lids, which in both situations, does not allow proper application of the eyeliner. Sometimes it would not appear as opaque/ thick as I wanted it to, sometimes it would be so smudgy that even without ‘smudging’ the eye line, it would just disappear while I do my eyeshadow.

I’ve tried a lot of eyeliners, ranging from drug store to high end brands and I have not found the one that can overcome this problem, which is why till today, I can’t really name a eyeliner that I would highly recommend. However, I would say that there are indeed a few eyeliner that I really enjoyed using like KAT VON D Tattoo Liner, TARTE Lights, Camera, Lashes™ Precision Longwear Liner and URBAN DECAY Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen.

Following is Eye shadows. Personally, I feel that this is very individual and it is a personal self expression. There are many palettes out there for all kind of skin tones. There are millions of look that you can explore through different colors. An advice that I would give for Eye shadows would be BUY PALETTES. It is so much cheaper than buying individual pots. Additionally, it last a really long time. I like buying all kinds of palette to try different look and honestly, I have not used that much products to even choose a few that I love but a brand that I will recommend will be ZOEVA. They have really good eyeshadows that are affordable and also very pigmented and long lasting. ZOEVA also have really affordable brush range so for students like us, it would be a good brand to start.


The reason to put on make-up is to conceal your blemishes right? Before anything in the Make-up world, the first thing I’ve ever purchased/ tried would be concealer. I have really dark under eye dark circles and it has been one of my biggest insecurities since young (but right now, I am already okay with it and learn to love them as well). More than any make-up products, I feel that the most product that I’ve ever tried would be concealers. I still remember the first few brands that I’ve used are from Korea — Innisfree, Etude House etc, cause I felt that Asian brands would cater more to asian skin. Indeed, I did find a few concealers that I really enjoyed using (I forgot which ones are those and I don’t use them anymore right now..). Right now, I’ve ventured out into the International brands and my current favourite would be bareMinerals BARESKIN concealer (Medium). I am on my 6th bottle since a few months back and I’ve never wanted to try another product again. This product is long lasting, smooth, covers naturally and does not crease (especially under my eyes).

Lastly, after all my make-up, I will generously (around 3~4 presses) spray the MAC’s MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ to set my make-up and this magical water will literally set all the blemishes and fine lines away. There are sometimes where due to the light I am using, I miss out some cakey area, spraying this, it will literally ‘melt’ away all these creases and covers all visible porey-concealer spots. Prep+Prime Fix+ is literally MY LIFE 

After all these, I’m perfect and done and READY TO START MY DAY!


That will be it for my Morning routine make-up!
It is a rather lengthy posts but I hope that I’ve given advice that are helpful for everyone out there 🙂

Look out for the next post about Night routine!
(A small bonus! I will be sharing about my hair story as well!)

Love ya’ll!

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