My new obsession!?

I just tried something that I surprisingly enjoyed today. It was not only a eye-opener but also a super stress-relieving time for me. I can say that the obsession is growing on me.

Today was a normal University day for me, but the last of the week. I only have 2 tutorial classes, one early in the morning and one later in the evening.

After the morning class, I don’t know why but I just decided to check out a Kickboxing place. I didn’t really plan this trip but while walking out of campus, I just wanted to check if the kickboxing place that I was interested could be travelled from school and at that moment, the bus that I am suppose to take arrived in front of me and conveniently, I just hopped on the bus and suddenly was just heading for the gym!


Man, it took some time to arrive at the gym!

The gym that I was interested in was this gym — SRG Thai Boxing Gym. It is around 10 minutes away from my house but public transport it is around 30 minutes? You can check out more of their gym in the linked text.


Upon arriving at the gym, I was just SO awed by the design and concept of the gym.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.18.51 PM.png
Photo by. SRG Thai Boxing Gym

After doing the usual enquiring, I just blatantly on the spot decided to sign up for a year membership (a.k.a forcing myself to commit to this sport in the long run). Lol, even the guy at the reception was like 0_0!. I signed up, paid for membership and bought the necessary gears needed and with recommendation from the ‘reception guy’, I decided to go for the Fundamental class later at night after my last tutorial of the week.

Never did I know that everything would just go SOOOOOOO wrong? right?


Travelling to the gym itself is really hard and I still need to work out how to travel there using public transport soon. As this is the first time travelling to the gym at night, I took a cab to the gym so I could I could see the ‘sparring session’ that was before my class. Little did I know that I was enlightened for life.

When I arrived at the gym, there were quite a lot of females walking out from the gym, which made me feel really relief as I really can’t imagine training with a group of men (little did I know again…).

It was only until the moment I stood outside the transparent sliding door where the image that registered my brain literally blew my mind off. Do you know the moment when your brain is literally screaming ‘NOOOOOOO‘ and your hands go open the god-damn door on its own while your legs start walking forward on its own? That was THAT moment at the door.


I was met with many welcoming coaches and friends there. But that one thing that attracted all of my attention is this:

Do you actually hear the loudness and the crisp sound of that kick??? Doesn’t it sound so powerful? Now, imagine me doing that kick …


Now we’re finally on the same page!

BTW, the people in the ring, although they looked real scary. Guess who was in the ring- the head master – Luis, and all of the others are instructors of the gym. The guy in white (Phisit)is also a instructor that will be competing in a competition 2 weeks later that’s why he is practicing so hard. While I was standing at the side watching, and they were having their interval break, the instructors Deaw and Narong  (incl. Luis) started striking conversations with me and joked around to let me relax. I probably looked like a freaking lost deer among the skilled people. One thing that made me relax a little was that there were two coaches (Deaw and Narong) that were once from Singapore as well, and they said that I would really enjoy the training later. I really appreciated their effort to make me feel more comfortable in the gym while watching them spar/ practice among themselves. ❤️)

Furthermore, there were a lot of people literally punching each other’s faces and I was like ‘WTF, how the hell am I going to do this in the future.‘. To be real honest, I just want to take it as a exercise routine and I really just can’t make myself punch someone else? Especially someone that I don’t even know!

All I remember was me, spazzing around the reception for 30 minutes. Trying to get the last minute nerve out of my system and internally freaking out at what is in front of me.

It was soon D-TIME. The warm up at the gym was skipping rope.

There was this really nice guy (let’s call him, A, i didn’t catch his name sadly) that helped me throughout my session and became my training partner as well, he was kind enough to help me get a skipping rope that was fit to my size and also really guided me along with the whole session. He is a student of Luis as well.

The feeling of skipping rope has became foreign to me after not skipping for so long – the last memory I had when I actually skipped a rope was in primary school. Surprisingly, my body did not disappoint me. *I really think that my muscle memory is really good. Or maybe .. it’s just youth? 😂* I got back the ability to skip (and quite well actually) and started warming up.

(I found out 5 minutes before class started that there was actually no one in the fundamental class today, so it would be a private class, like 1-1, with a instructor. A yay for me first!)




Think about the honour in this!
First class. Small group training with. LUIS. the head coach.


Anyways, then class started.

+ … In the midst of class … + 

After class, I was so refreshed and energised for some reason. I felt so stress free and it felt super awesome. Although there were some movements that were really awkward to me, but thanks to Luis’s guidance and A’s patient explanations with demonstrations, I manage to get the posture/ action sorted out. Of course, I still need loads of practice more to go.

(Before I continue, give me a moment to self praise now: I’m so glad that I managed to push myself during the session. After a round of punching and kicking, I was tired and was trying to catch my breathe when Luis came over and said that I could take a break. I saw that the other male pair was still practicing seriously and I refused the chance to take a break and continued working with A cause my movements were still really awkward. Luis was rather impressed I would say that I could push myself so much. I still remember the little ego that boost when Luis said ‘Woah, Lyn the strong girl! Good job!‘. It was the best feeling in the world!)


To be honest, I’ve never felt so hyped up after working out. Although I was physically exhausted after the session, mentality I could feel that my brains were electrified and so hyped.

I feel really accomplished.

I can’t wait for the next session as well.

I’m glad that I gave myself a chance to try a new sport again and I’m glad that my boyfriend introduced this sport to me. Although I don’t like the punching-people part of this sport, I love the hard work and resilience Kickboxing has in every movement. I can’t wait to improve and be good in it.

Before I forget, if you want to know why the sudden Kickboxing decision! Check out the previous post for the reason and learn more about what I am up too! 

(Maybe I could fight my boyfriend someday in the ring? 🙈)
/ Lyyn in a video! /

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