I feel that I am a OAG.


If you have no idea what does OAG means.. do you even use the internet? Kidding!

I presume that many people will not know this cause I also just found out that OAG even actually exists! 😂

It basically means ‘Overly-attached Girlfriend’, and if you do google this, apparently this is a character made famous by a Youtuber called Laina Morris .


You guys must be wondering why do I suddenly feel like I an OAG. To be honest, it’s not just about the ‘girlfriend’ part. It’s about anything. I just feel that I am overly attached to everything. (LOL, the feeling of using OAG as a click bait .. 😗). And also, it’s not a “sudden” thing, I had (quite a lot of) previous encounters with this habit, it is only recently till I actually recognise the lethal level of it 😋

Firstly, let’s talk about my first over-attachment — the do/eat/play-till-i-get-sick-of-it habit. If I ever get a sudden addiction to anything, I will do/eat/play that anything everyday till I get sick of it. Literally. Everyday. Let me give you a few examples:



My recent food obsession would be Japanese curry and Barley. I would cook them and eat them for a week straight, for both lunch and dinner. And I would gladly do so till I am so sick and tired of it which is most likely not any time soon after the week. I might just slowly get it out of the routine and try something new.



I would say that the longest addiction I ever had (am actually still having) will be my soft toy addiction. I have 6 soft toys that I would go everywhere with. No matter if I am packing light or going all out, everywhere, as long as I am staying overnight anywhere, I will bring them with me. If I do not have them by my side at night, I just feel so insecure and Insomnia would be twice as bad as it is with them by my side. The feelings of them not being by my side is literally like a needle flipping and twisting in my gut, it is not deadly but it grows to a huge empty hole of insecurity in my heart. This is the level of my addiction.

The OAG part –

Find the OAG part of the photo below.


Did you get it?

Look at the amount of e-tickets I have in my wallet.
They are all the amount of tickets I’ve bought to fly to and back from Sydney to Melbourne.

The exact time I’ve flown from Sydney to Melbourne and back would be: 10.
And all of these are within a school semester (last semester), which is roughly 4 months?

That’s how obsessed and needy as a girlfriend I am. 😎 #noshame But that’s how love rolls~

But of course, I’ve chilled a little and here I am still sitting in Melbourne, in front of my computer and writing this post now. (15 Aug) How ironic! 😅 But still, I love my boyfriend the most ❤️

Secondly, I will be talking about a common topic to blog about – comfort zone.

When I was in my teens, comfort zone didn’t really exist for me. I was always the first one to try new stuff, venture out into the wild without any fear and always curious about what’s more out there for me to know. I was really a rowdy and curious child.


However, as I started to grow up, I feel that a barrier formed around me. An invisible filter shield. A shield that I build up brick by brick as I learn more about growing up.

I can admit that there are 2 me. 2 types of me.

There’s the me that is nice to everyone and is open to talking to everyone; and another me, that is just insecure and gets burdened by everything. But because I let the “official me” side get the better of myself, I’m happy – physically and mentally (most of the time at least.)

I starting sticking to people that I chose to be with.
I starting creating routines that I want to follow so I don’t have any “external factors” that will affect me or let me think otherwise.
I start to stay away from acquaintances or people that don’t interact with me.
I keep away from trouble.
I don’t open myself up anymore.


I am stubborn from birth.
Once I decide on something, you will have to piss me off big time to change my mind – which probably would result in me unfriending you or showing you my super pissed face.

I am addicted to my comfort zone. I don’t want to expand it anymore. I want to stick inside the circle.


I can’t.
Cause … it does not really exists at all.
It is just another addiction of mine after all.


I’m off.
/ Lyyn? /

*It’s really weird how my post just became so dark and cold towards the end.. My emotions are just all over the place…

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