Holiday’s Over

It is Saturday. I’m still in Melbourne, leaving tomorrow night.

Holidays officially over on Monday.

I use to have a holiday that I really loved but I am not on such good terms with the person that I went with currently, so he basically ruined it. To be honest, my China trip was so fun and enjoyable to the extent where I don’t really remember what I did during that holiday.

(The China vacation post is still currently in progress… It’s not progressing a lot because I’ve been enjoying the last of my vacation and have not really sat down and continue writing my post. I’m really sorry but I will try to get it up by the end of next week! Pinky promise ❤️💕)

This holiday is currently the best in my life. I went with my favourite man on earth and got to know him more (since it was his hometown). I also got to explore 1/100000 part of China. China is really too huge.. I still have so many places that I want to go. I can’t wait to plan my next trip to China.

Summary photos of my Vacation (Pt.1) | Photos by. Lyn

The adventures and every encounter with the people is just precious and unforgettable. Not only the fun part but I’m glad that I was able to enjoy and see my “roots” in the flesh. This might sound really cliche and quite ridiculous, but whenever I travel to China, I feel that I need to see the “textbook” or the “history-related” part of China. I’ve been learning about the Chinese culture for so long since primary school, but all I’ve been learning are just words on paper. I’ve learnt about the grandeur and the sophistication of what history has left behind, but it isn’t really learnt and well appreciated if I don’t actually see it in person, right? Especially if I am going to China myself.

Summary photo of my Vacation (Pt.2)| Photos by. Lyn

I know that many people will think that these ‘history’ would just mean touristy area or old places, but to me it’s not just that – It is being immersed in the culture of that area itself. I feel that many people when they travel, they just go there, literally take a look at the “place/  thing”, take a photo to prove that they were there and that’s it. Even if they are curious with the history it would be brief. I’m not saying that I go to the places with super in-depth knowledge but I just hope that people will just take one step back and enjoy the atmosphere, indulge in the environment, look around and see how the people are living. (*I think its the sociology me that is appearing) Sometimes living in the city really robs ones ability to be able to step back and relax, or even slow down and focus on the small areas.


China has been great. Not only has it enriched my life, it made me learn more about the place and especially the people.

Now that holiday is gone, I must go back to my life job — being a student. This term is crucial for my goal. I really do need to focus and continue doing well.

I’ll try to get my post-China vacation post up as soon as I can and on the other hand, I will be participating in a 6 weeks challenge at my gym. I will talk more about it when I get more information, but it will be a 6 weeks Transformation challenge. I’m actually planning to vlog it down (since I failed terribly for my China vlog). What do you think?

Summary photos of my Vacation (Pt.3) | Photos by. Lyn

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