#Travel | Guiyang-bound (China Pt. 2) 

It’s officially D-Day! Right now I’m sitting at the departure gate waiting to board the flight to Guang Zhou.

Today started off well, woke up early and manage to film some footages. Managed to arrive at the airport promptly as well, rather early actually.

But I totally forgot about the liquid limitation (since I didn’t check-in anything, if you’re curious about why, check out my previous post!) and had to throw away 3 bottles of my items. Unfortunately, one of them is my well-loved AVEDA face wash but I did already use up quite a lot of it, but the damage was still done. 😔 Thankfully I also went to the gate earlier as I was really scared for unpredictable situations.

Finally boarding is open! It’s so funny to see how people false-alarmed queued for like 2 times ignoring the announcement for boarding groups. Rather annoying as well but oh well, they probably didn’t understand English anyways. There wasn’t Chinese broadcast surprisingly. Anyways, going to prepare for boarding and see you on the other side! 💕 (8:01am)

(1:33pm) I’m currently on the transfer flight to GuiYang! Singapore to Guangzhou’s flight was great. I sat next to a Taiwanese middle aged man that has a family in Singapore. He was really nice and we had really meaningful chat. I just love how traveling you get to meet so many kind and wonderful people. It’s a pity that these encounters are so short. But that’s what makes it so precious isn’t it?

Being alone in a foreign country is actually quite scary. I’ve flew to Indonesia myself once but I have no idea why China just felt so much more daunting and scary. I think it’s just the size of the airport and amount of people around me suddenly just multipled by so much and it just intimidated me. But the feeling of excitedment and adrenaline is raging within me like a free atom in space. I can’t wait to fly and land in GuiYang soon.

I didn’t manage to take much photos since I had to focus on clearing customs and damn, there are some good looking custom officers 🙈 I’ll try to take more photos when I finally meet up with my boyfriend. 💕 #excited

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