#Travel | Pre-China! (China Pt.1)

It’s travelling time! Yaas! I will be going to China tomorrow (13 July) and I am feeling beyond thrilled!

In this post, I will be sharing a few of my packing tips and also my make-up/ accessories pouch with ya’ll. If you gals are interested, read on! ❤️


I will be going to China tomorrow (13 July), specifically Guiyang.

(I know not much people know Guiyang, so I’ve attached a basic map of where Guiyang is located).


I will be at Guiyang for 7 days 6 nights and I will also be visiting my boyfriend as well. ♡

I have just completed packing and I thought I would just sit down and write this post sharing how I packed, especially this time when I am packing rather light. *I rarely pack light as I do check-in my luggage bags. This time is a exception as I don’t think I have enough time to check-in and wait for my luggage to come out again before catching my next flight, so for certainty reasons, I decided to bring on my stuff to the plane. 

Thankfully, I do not have to bring so many things cause I have a few pieces of clothing at my boyfriend’s house.


This is the basic layout of my bag. I like all my things to be in bags so its easier and neater. It’s just a habit I learnt from my mom. She likes to pack things in bags, to organise her bags.

For clothes, cause I had to pack light, I only brought clothes that I can wear with different outfit. I stuck with basic outfits styles, like tee + skirts or tee + leggings. Additionally, cause I will be walking quite frequently, I just brought more casual clothes and semi-formal clothes.


Undergarments are self-explanatory, whatever and however much you need.

For shower bags, I have a few items that I can’t live without so I packed a small bag. I packed some travel necessities as well (like toothbrush and toothpaste or facial wash).

As a make-up lover, of course I will have a separate bag for Skin-care. To be honest, I do not have much for skin care, I just keep some spare items inside as well. I will share this with you guys in my future posts about my skin care 🙂 Look out for it!
I will link it here again if it is up. 


Here is all of my accessories that I am bringing and the Make-up section of my pouch.

I’ve listed all of the items in the photos as well.

I won’t really go into too much details cause I might film a small video about it. But who knows?

If you are interested or curious about the product, comment down below and I will answer you guys individually.



So here is just a small post about what I am bringing. I didn’t really explain cause it will really take up a lot of time.

However, if you guys are interested, do comment down below and if the response is enough, I might do a small video about my travel essentials!

Anyways, on the topic on video, I will be vlogging during my trip in Guiyang and I will post it up around a week after the trip. I will uploading it on my Youtube channel. I will link it up here when it is done. So, there’s one thing that you guys can look forward to it.

I am actually looking forward to video-ing and editing the footages of Guiyang! I really do have this thing for videos and editing HAHAH Hopefully I get like really cool footages and shots. /Fingers crossed/


I’m going to catch up on sleep so I will see you guys real soon!

Follow me on Instagram for real time updates about my trip! https://www.instagram.com/__l1n__/

See you!
/ Lyyn /

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