I’m back

It’s finally the ends of exams (almost) and I am officially back on the blogosphere!


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This holiday is going to be special cause I’m planning on trying new stuffs and also posting more new content here. I feel that I only come back to my blog when I bottle too much things up so that always make my posts so dreary and depressing.

I will try to post more cheerful and happy content more frequently since now I have relatively more time to write. So stick around for new stuffs coming up soon.

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Also, I just wanted to mention that there might be a large reduction in cafe/ food related posts, since I’m -still- on a diet. However, in instances where I do go to a cafe, I’ll probably be eating healthy food BUT my best friend will co-write the article with me, so you guys won’t miss out any yummy food reviews!

Before I end this post, I will be sharing with you guys some life updates (in photos) and also share with you guys a sneak peak of what’s to come (tentatively) in this upcoming month.




Things coming up: 
Travel Posts (+ Vlogs) – China for 5 days
Summer Vacation Outfits (+ BTS)
.. + more frequent posts!

(TBC) Diet related post(s)? 

Have a great week!
Signing out ❤︎ – $ Lyyn $ –


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A fashion/ beauty/ food addict :D Always on the look out of new stuff in the area and love to share with others!

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