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Original title:#GFH: Healthy Food Ver. “Manchester Press”

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#GFH : #GoodFoodHunting

Eating out has became a daily affair for me, especially when I am usually either “too busy to cook” or simply just “too lazy” to cook at home. However, after eating out so frequently these few months, it has indeed taken a toll on my health and weight. So, other than hitting up the gym more frequently and shedding the pounds away, I would still prefer to eat out cause it is (of course) convenient and why not?! Especially when in Melbourne, there are healthier options to eat out at!

I will be sharing more places for healthy food in the weeks to come (with some additions of some comfort foods) and hopefully, you all will go and check them out as well!

Today’s choice of healthy eating-out will be:

Laneway cafe in the CBD with a passion for great coffee & great food. Serving specialty coffee & Bagels since 2011. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly
8 Rankins Lane Melbourne, VIC | (03) 9600 4054 |
Mon – Fri 07:00 – 17:00/ Sat – Sun 09:00 – 17:00 | https://www.facebook.com/manchesterpress/

It was rather confusing to find this place for the first time as it is secretly tucked away in a small laneway on Rankins Lane (like in the photo). However, if you were to head down to Manchester Press (MP) during usual lunch hours, you would actually see groups of people waiting outside to be called in.

Rather than just standing there with the other customers waiting, there is actually a clip-board with a waiting list right next to the sliding door, simply pop your name and number of people onto the list and the waiter/waitress would call in order of the list. This would actually save you more waiting time especially if the waiter/waitress did not catch you arriving to put you on the waiting list.

Although there is not a very wide variety of choices at MP, each item listed on the menu is deemed very healthy, with ingredients like muesli (high in fiber and whole grains), chia seeds (loaded with fiber, protein,Omega-3 fatty acids), avocado (good source of dietary fibervitamin Kpotassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C.) etc.

MP specialises in Bagels, thus most of the items on the menu are Bagel-related. It is also possible to opt for other kinds of Bagels, like Bagels with poppy seeds or wholegrain etc. Choices are listed on the Menu. There are also quite a few Vegetarian (marked as ‘V’) and Vegan (marked as ‘VE’) options so don’t fret, a wide variety of dietary options are available at MP.

Coffee culture in Melbourne is also something not to be missed. Although personally, I don’t really fancy Brazil/ Ethiopia coffee blends, I would say that coffee is delicately made at MP. There is also a wide variety of other beverages, from teas to freshly squeezed juices and sodas.


The ambience at MP has a rather vintage vibe to it and its rustic interior decorations adds on to the casual cafe atmosphere. If you do decide to visit during lunch hours, it would be crowded and rather loud, but it would not be unbearably packed.

This time we did decide to try quite a lot of things on the menu (for 2 person) as we were famished when we decided to go to MP.

We went with a Pancetta Salad [$14.50], Smoked Salmon Lox (*My friend’s personal favourite) [$15], MP Club Sandwich (*My personal favourite) [$15] and a 14-hour BBQ pulled pork Closed Bagel [$16] with a cup of fresh orange juice.


My small personal favourite at MP is that for every Bagel ordered, there will be pretzel snacks on the side. Although it might seem like a weird combination, I promise you, the combination is fantastic. The fresh healthy flavours from the Bagel and the saltiness of the pretzel, you will understand why the Pretzels are there.

For all the items on the menu, there are detailed descriptions of the Bagels and the ingredients used. Also as a to-note, MP does not do alterations to the menu so if you want to swap out something for another ingredient, it is not possible.

But overall, MP has became one of my staple places to-go for healthy food/ breakfast/ brunch/ lunch. Not only that they have healthier food options, it is also really delicious with a awesome cafe atmosphere. A personal recommendation would be to visit them after 1:30PM or so (basically just before/after lunch hours) so as to avoid the lunch crowd to avoid waiting, but I would say that MP will be worth the wait and also, will not add too much to your daily calorie intake.

If you are near Emporium/ H&M in Melbourne CBD and crave for some food, head down to MP for a healthier eating out option and indulge in a Bagel sandwich with good coffee on the side! 🙂


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