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Ever since I came to Melbourne, “Good food hunting” has been the only activity that I have been constantly doing, dedicately, non stop, since the start. If you did not notice, you have already been in Melbourne for almost at least 100 days, or even more! Which means, probably within these few days, some of you (or actually most of you, probably) would have found a cosy spot or your favourite hang out space. Of course, including me, I have found my favourite hotspots around CBD area and I shall share these with you, right in this post!

However, I might not be able to promise low prices in the restaurants that I list here but I shall assure you the food quality instead. xP

# SAM SAM 삼삼 #
(Korean Cuisine; Fried Chicken)
ADDRESS | 209 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Melbourne, 3000
PHONE | +61405287226
OPENING HOURS | 11:30AM ~ 9:30PM Daily

Pic credit: Avec Ellemixe

Have you ever watch a Korean drama and see that the protagonist or a character in the K-drama orders delivery food and wonder how tasty it will be? Or, maybe just simply craving some good fried chicken, which is not KFC? There you go! Sam Sam is the exact place you would head to.

Conveniently right across the entrance of Chinatown on Swanston Street, Sam Sam is famous for their fried chicken menu. It serves freshly fried savoury flavoured fried chicken and what’s best is — there is a boneless chicken option! It is also served on the side with potato wedges mixed together with the chicken, vegetable salad and korea’s traditional pickled radish. A full sized boneless chicken order would be a good size to share among 2 ~ 3 friends and of course other than their fried chicken, it serves other Korean traditional dishes like, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Spicy Seafood Jjamppong noodles, Bulgogi with rice and many more.

It is usually rather crowded with people (especially during dinner hours) so there might be instances where you would need to queue up to get a seat, I would usually prefer to head down to their cool neon-lights lighted basement level (opens after 6pm) cause it is a rather spacious and cosy in the basement compared to the actual serving floor.

Recommended Menu at Sam Sam:

  1. Boneless Fried Chicken, Soy Garlic flavour
  2. Spicy Seafood Jjamppong noodles
Pic credits: Lyn

(Fish & Chips Restaurant)
ADDRESS | 364 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053
PHONE | (03) 9347 4777
OPENING HOURS | 10:00AM ~ 10:00PM Daily
MENU | (here)

If you do live around Lygon street, I would say that this restaurant is real hard to miss,  especially when there is a constant flow of people going in and out of Sea Salt at any hour. It seems like it is only a sushi bar from the outside but just make you way in and you will be welcomed with friendly staffs from the other counter.

Honestly, the first time to Sea Salt was quite intimidating as they don’t really have a “menu” (actually they do, but I still didn’t understand how to order), but if you look behind the counter, there is a mirror wall, with the Fish(es) of the Day available. From there, you can choose for your fish to be grilled or battered, and your choice of side dish too.

There are outdoor seating available, so on days where the weather is great, having Fish and Chips on the streets of Lygon would be a great option, especially when you are hungry. The prices of the meal is reasonable and the fish are always fresh, although they do run out rather quickly if you do decide to have a late dinner at around 8:00PM onwards.

Pic credit: Lyn
Pic credit: Lyn

Recommended Menu at Seasalt:

  1. Rockling, battered with chips on the side (Fish and Chips)
  2. Fish of the Day

(Traditional Korean food, with Lunch special of mixed Japanese & Korean cuisines and Korean BBQ)
ADDRESS | 254 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000
PHONE | (03) 9654 9930
OPENING HOURS | 12PM ~3PM, 5:30PM ~10PM Mon – Fri/ 12PM ~ 10PM Sat & Sun
MENU | (here)

Being a Korean food addict, it is kind-of a habit for me to look for affordable and good Korean food. Having tried multiple Korean food in Melbourne, I would say that Oriental Spoon is one of the best Korean restaurant that serves relatively authentic Korean food, and the price range is also affordable. They also provide BBQ

Pic credit: Lyn

A bonus point that made me recommend Oriental Spoon will be the lunch special. If you do browse through the menu that is linked above, you can see that for their lunch special there are a range of Japanese cuisine infused in their dishes available in addition to their Korean food dishes. Not only they have added dishes, the prices of the lunch specials are also even more affordable compared to the normal menu. So do check them out if you are nearby!

Recommended Menu at Oriental Spoon:

  1. Lunch Specials!
  2. Korean BBQ

Before I conclude my list, I would like to mention one restaurant, that does not really satisfy the criterias that I gave to this post, but because I really enjoyed their food, without fail every time I am there, so I would like to share them with you guys. However, for this restaurant, it is on the (rather) pricier side, but you will not be disappointed with the food served. It is also a good place for a special event or just to hangout with your special someone.

(Italian cuisine and Wood fired Pizza specialised Restaurant)
ADDRESS | 198-204 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053
PHONE | 1300 274 648
OPENING HOURS | 8AM ~ 10:30PM Sun – Thurs/ 8AM ~ 12AM Fri & Sat
MENU | (here)

Pic credit: Lyn

Located right next to YO-CHI, a well-loved fro-yo store among Trinity students, Criniti’s serves a wide range of Italian cuisines, starting from different type of starters to mains and even to dessert! The menu can be found on their website, linked above. I have not been there enough to actually say a few dishes for recommendation, but the food that my friends and I ordered was never disappointing. Not only that, the ambience of the restaurant is really vintage and full of car-related interior design. There are also outdoor dining area, which is kindly heated up with multiple fire heater which is really cool. It feels really classy dining inside the restaurant and it will be no doubt that you will have a great time enjoying the food and your company.

Pic credit: Lyn

Recommended Menu at Criniti’s:

  1. Pork Ribs (0.5kg) with BBQ/ Chilli Sauce, with fries on the side
    *They have really good fries too! Well seasoned and fried.
  2. Wood fired Pizza
  3. Gelato! *They have a spinning Gelato Machine!

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